Promising Benefits of Custom Software Over Turnkey Solutions

Balancing the company’s immediate requirements with respect to its long-term growth is of paramount importance, especially in case of startups. The challenging question mostly faced by companies is; whether to invest on the long-term initiatives or opt for the more conservative and less expensive approach. Thus, the question of ‘Build vs Buy’ is a crucial aspect mostly faced by companies while, addressing the varied software needs.

Developing your own software aids you in unlocking a myriad of benefits. However, companies must consider this strategy only if:

  • The solution provides a competitive edge over your competitors and
  • When you are planning to build a large business which, can spread the cost of your proprietary system across a wide spectrum of clients.

Custom Software Development: A Profitable Investment

Though building your own software is somewhat expensive, the Return on Investment (ROI) is worth incurring the cost. However, make sure that the significant time, energy and resources are in full compliance to its development process. The tasks associated with developing these solutions may make you feel that buying turnkey solutions is the smarter idea, however, there are certain reasons to consider:

  • Turnkey solutions are rigid: Vast majority of turnkey solutions doesn’t mostly help you to improve or change the functionality effectively. Moreover, you may find it difficult to include or exclude in-built features.
  • Turnkey solutions are not so compatible across various programs: The business may rely on one software to carry out a task and another solution to complete the second related task. Noticeably, if the 2 programs won’t communicate properly, they might result in hindering your efficiency. On the contrary, developing your own software will help you to integrate a wider series of APIs across different data and software partners.
  • Turnkey solutions cannot meet every business need: They mostly did not address all the varied needs of enterprises. If the business has its own set of specialized needs, custom software will be the right choice.

How Custom Software Help you to Scale the Company

Business is mostly an evolving, dynamic organization and thus, it make sense for the software to conform and grow with the company. If you notice the company to grow at an exponential rate, following here are some ways stating how a custom software can make the business more profitable.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Competitive edge
  • Faster reaction time

Despite the primary expenses, a custom software solution is a worthy investment if, you are willing to grow a business of purposeful scale. Building your own specifically tailored software to cater your business needs helps in finding the real difference between availing a commoditized service and a customized service.

Source by Sanjay Nandy

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