Business Process Automation – Before You Buy Software

Many companies that focus on business process automation provide a piece of software. While some of these software packages are nice, they often miss the unique needs of the business that is trying to implement it. Business process automation is about more than a piece of software. If you focus on implementing new software without understanding business software, you will complicate instead of simplify things.

A Better Approach:

The first step is understanding your business from your customer's perspective. You must take the time to ask yourself "What is it that makes our customers come to us?". Once questions like that are answered, you can look at how to give them precisely what they want faster, and with a higher quality. To do that we need to establish some metrics for your business and projects. What gets measured gets managed, and what gets scheduled gets done. Look at each project or area of ​​your business and ask yourself "what does success look like? How will I know when I achieve my goal?"

Get A MAP (Massive Action Plan) :

Based on your clarified definitions of success and how to hit those goals, we need to create an action plan. An action plan is simply what will you do to move toward your goals. What step can you take right now to get yourself and your employees closer to this goal? Create a list of things that you can do to make this a reality. An important part of this is that you must realize that if one of the actions your taking is not working … you need to change it a little! Do not bulldog through an action without being perceptive and realizing what works and what does not. Next … Do not give up. Keep modifying your approach … keeping what works, and throwing out what does not.


Now that you have clear goals, and actions you can take to get yourself to those goals you need to create a schedule for when these things will be accomplished. Let's face it, it's pretty easy to get distracted by office or random fidgets. By creating a schedule of when you will have these actions accomplished, you will hold yourself accountable and be more focused.


Take steps to understand your business in a new and more complete way first, then try to automate processes and save time. This will create maximum simplicity and efficiency. Task automation will always involve software, just make sure that you're implementing something that's right for your business.

Source by Blake Rogers

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